Perfil de Jaime Bermúdez, el hombre que maquila a Juárez

En Bloomberg publicaron hace unos días un amplio perfil sobre Jaime Bermúdez Cuarón. Lo presentan como el hombre que no le teme a Donald Trump.

Bermúdez is, if not sanguine about all this, at ease. If he loses favor with the Americans, the Chinese are eager partners, as are the Germans, the Dutch, the Japanese. “We signed a contract yesterday for seven years,” he says, sitting in a brown leather chair in a wood-paneled den, the deep wrinkles on his face framing his piercing blue eyes. “We are very optimistic. We are making money for everybody. A wall’s not going to stop that.”

En ocasiones este artículo se convierte en una pieza de historia pero es flojo al final. O no sé si lo último sea un cliffhanger para otro perfil.

Link: The Godfather of Mexican Manufacturing Couldn’t Care Less About Donald Trump  (Vía Twitter)